Nigiri sushi and other dishes

No menu means safety. We make the most of the ingredients available on the day. If you were feeling like having sushi tonight, how would you decide which restaurant to go to? If you would like to happily enjoy the real taste, please visit our door. We ensure you enjoy the melting taste of our food in the friendly atmosphere. The toppings are chosen specially by the chef and that is why it is safe. If you are looking for something better than your normal routine, or if you would like to take someone special, Fukuzushi would be the place to go.


Edo Sushi
2,000 yen
Edo Sushi Special
3,000 yen
Edo Fukuchan
4,000 yen
Souvenir Sushi
2,000 yen〜


With excellent toppings only a sushi restaurant can offer. Orders are accepted all year round. Pre-orders are appreciated.

3,000 yen〜


7 seasonal dishes and 6 nigiri sushi of the day served with miso soup

The most popular course menu is the 5,500 yen course. Please enjoy the chef’s performance making the most of the ingredients.

※Please note that the dishes may differ depending on what’s available in the season.
Seasonal selection course
5,500 yen
Seasonal selection course
7,500 yen
Seasonal selection course
9,500 yen


Yamanashi has the most number of sushi restaurants per population which may be because it isn’t facing the ocean in any part of the prefecture. And that is why we are very particular about keeping the best quality of our dishes. We offer a variety of sushi and unique dishes that you can only enjoy at Fukuzushi. We make sure you enjoy our proud dishes cooked respecting the importance of “sushi”.

  • づけにぎり
  • 生メソ穴子にぎり
  • 親方の塩辛


Behind the fact being so particular about seafood there is a process called “aging”
By aging the seafood its umami is discovered which results in exposing even more umami. We age seafood not only until the inosinic acids are discovered, but also enough amino acids are exposed to provide each dish in the best condition.


Not to mention Yamanashi prefecture is famous for grapes and many of you may have heard of Katsunuma-cho. Katsunuma is famous for wine producing and we have managed to reserve a very rare wine with the cooperation of “Katsunuma Winery”. The limited “Katsunuma Koshu Taruhakko 2002” won a silver medal at a competition in France and it is served at Fukuzushi as long as we don’t run out of stock. Sushi with wine may sound a little awkward but it is for sure worth a try.


650 yen
Koshu wine【Glass】
700 yen
Koshu wine【Bottle】
4,000 yen〜
“Katsunuma Winery“
Katsunuma Koshu Taruhakko
Market price
“Katsunuma Winery“
Rouge Tarujukusei
Market price
自慢の酒 自慢のワイン