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the 2nd Team Chef Competition held on

“Fukuzushi’s Zuke Cheese” has been selected to receive a special award in the 2nd Team Chef Competition held on June 28th, 2016.

漬けチーズ チームシェフコンクール審査員特別賞

What's is the 2nd Team Chef Competition?

The Team Chef Competition is the effort to address the problems in food service industry such as distribution route development.

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TV program ててて!TV【水曜はらペコ横丁】

Fukuzushi has been filmed for the TV program ててて!TV【水曜はらペコ横丁】on August 28th, 2013 to introduce “Zuke Cheese” and “Meso Eel”.

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TV program ともちゃん家の5時

Fukuzushi has been introduced for the TV program ともちゃん家の5時.